In the world of online business, your reputation is everything. It affects how you appear on search engine results, which businesses choose to partner with you,
and what customers think of you. It will affect your influence, your money, and your growth.

You can’t control what everybody says about you. Sometimes, your reputation takes a hit through no fault of your own—you may share a name with a convicted criminal, you might be the victim of mudslinging, or someone could be attempting to defame you. Whatever it is, we tailor our
approach to suit your needs. People are talking about you, and you can’t prevent that,
but you can ensure that they find only good things to say.

your reputation
is everything


We manage first impressions

Increasingly, customers are wary about being ripped off. They will search “(your company name scam” before doing business with you. Although you run an above-board, honest business, first impressions matter. If unfavourable words, like “scam” appear on the front page of Google when people search for you, that’s a bad first impression. We work to mitigate the damage done by these types of posts and make sure that when people look for you online, you are represented positively.


We manage reactions

Although a bad review won’t ruin your business, a bad reaction to it might. If you handle negative coverage defensively or dishonestly, the damage could take years to undo. If someone attacks you via reviews or social media, a reaction might not even be necessary. Or it might. In any case, we’ll help you make that decision. Two more factors to consider are when, and how you react—both could hurt or help your brand.


We manage & mitigate illegal content

Everyone has the right to state their opinions about your brand, within reason. So we can’t order anyone to take a simple negative review offline. However, we may be able to take legal action against defamers and those who attack you with libel. If someone is lying about you or specifically and maliciously trying to damage your reputation, then you may have grounds for a lawsuit. There are also several other paths you could take. We identify these for you and suggest the best option.

How we do it?3 Steps to manage your reputation

First Step
First, we research you online. Good or bad, if it’s there, we’ll find it. Once we find out what others see when they look for you online, we can work on adding to it, if it’s good, or mitigating damage, if it’s bad.
First Step
Second Step
Generally, anything you’ve posted online in the past is still going to be there. Getting in internet fights is going to hurt your reputation. Having a fake name is no good, because people can’t find you easily to give you positive reviews. If you’ve been arrested, your mugshot is still online. We’ll clean up anything that could harm you and replace it with something good.
Second Step
Third Step & The Final Stage
We take steps to ensure that when people look for you, they’ll see only good things. If necessary, we’ll give you an overhaul and make you look professional. First, you need to be active online—not hiding under a fake name or sitting on inactive accounts. We’ll determine which content is necessary to create - you may need to write articles or other content to outrank any bad reputation. Finally, we’ll get search engines to pick you up by linking to your new, positive, portfolios and profiles. So when anyone searches for you online, they see only your best
Third Step & The Final Stage

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